Worker Protection

Worker protection is more than just creating rules and policies, it's about developing a culture that is well trained, highly disciplined and not willing to settle for mediocre results. As a lineman, foreman and supervisor I always placed the bar high for the people I worked with, from my executive management levels to the brand new apprentice. 

I work with utilities and contractors to develop, customize, train and implement high-voltage line and safety procedures, as a subject matter expert when I'm hired I work with the existing personnel, fast track meetings and rely on all of the existing materials , documents, and other information to provide high-quality, and best practices utility standards. I am constantly upgrading my professional library and connect with industry experts to remain current on new standards and procedures.


This is the most requested training and procedural development request I get. Because of the varying conditions in the utility industry, from terrain, to climate to misunderstood work practices I have found that it is especially important to work with the personnel who work on the de-energized lines and equipment, the system engineers, system operations, safety, and the training department in order to identify the key individuals who can implement new work practices and procedures, but also who can actually pay for the new equipment and technology necessary to ensure that the workers can apply the procedures into their daily activities.