Beginning in 1984 in the transmission and distribution power industry Max has constructed and maintained transmission and distribution overhead and underground lines and equipment. Led line crews as a foreman, line supervisor, educator, mentor and coach. Additionally his experience, education and knowledge have enabled him to provide high-quality training, accident investigation, and expert witness services. He has been at the forefront of delivering training to utilities from power to telecom. Max routinely participated in local, regional and the International Lineman's rodeo in both the Municipal and Contractor divisions. Over the years, with different team members he was always able to develop a winning strategy that created a high level of success that he was able to repeat on a consistent basis (see below for awards).
Max's passion is identifying and developing leaders at the field level, his book, "Essential Leadership Skills for Power Line Foremen" is a must read for the individual seeking to lead and direct line crews as a foreman.

  • Utility Experience - 25+ years with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.
  • Training - Developed comprehensive training and scheduling for Line Apprentices for skills development and night school.
  • Work Procedures - Lead developer of Grid Assets T&D Line, Linework Procedures and standardization.
  • Technology- Assisted in the training and development of the Distribution Outage Application rollout for the Transmission and Distribution department, worked on the early stages of the OMS (Outage Management System) implementation and developed the business case for acquiring a Work Planning and Electronic Timekeeping solution.
  • Smart Grid - Led and directed workgroup installing and providing maintenance on the distribution automation equipment.
  • Sacramento Power Academy - Led the team tasked with developing the business case, planning and overall scope of the newly re-engineered technical and academic training for field personnel and utility training services.
  • Post Secondary Vocational Education - President Trade Tech (California), Vice President Northwest Lineman's College (Idaho)
  • Expert Witness - 20+ years, providing expert witness opinions and written reports.
  • Education: Bachelor's of Science, Business Management. University of Phoenix.

Memberships - IEEE consultants network and the NFPA

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