Leadership Development
Some of your most talented and experienced leaders are retiring or moving into other positions in your organization. How do you replace that knowledge and wisdom?
As a Lineman, Line Foreman and Line Supervisor I have practical, real world experience and knowledge in leading and directing Line crews, and managing multi-million dollar budgets. I have developed a bullet-proof leadership system that focuses on identifying, mentoring and coaching future leaders for your company at the ground level. My leadership course focuses on the following:
  • Leadership - What is it?
  • Job planning
  • Line Foreman Interviews
  • Business Acumen
  • Pre-job Briefings/Tailboards
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Discipline
  • Performance Management
  • Procedures
  • Succession Planning


Each and every business organization has its own unique business methods, work practices and other standards, rules and regulations they adhere to. I work with your business to develop and deliver leadership training that meets your needs.
Technical Writing, training, and developing procedures.                 
In my career, I have developed line work and safety procedures for high-voltage line workers and electricians. I assist utilities in developing procedures, standards, policies, training standards, and I also can provide on-site training. Areas of expertise
  • High-voltage safety training
  • Personal Protective Grounding
  • Pole climbing
  • Live-line work
  • Line construction basics
  • Wildfire Mitigation Plans
Work with and assist your organization in developing, updating and revising existing procedures, standards, policies and work methods. 
Cost Savings
Hiring a consultant to develop and write internal company training policies and procedures are an expensive and time-consuming process. There are very few consultants who are subject matter experts with the ability to provide excellent course, and procedural development along with delivering the training to your department's workers.
Typically consultants will require that a company provide their own internal subject matter expert to carefully walk the consultant through all aspects of the job requirements, provide the legal and regulatory information and then review the material that was created in order to assure that it is in compliance and will satisfy the needs of the company. My company is different, I am the Subject Matter Expert; with many years writing procedures, reports, expert witness opinions and delivering hands-on training I can save companies time and money with excellent training materials, and quick-turn around times.
When Grid Resources is retained, you will not need to "pull your workers" out of the field to assist us through the entire process of creating and delivering written materials, and training. Your workers remain in the workforce pool to continue to provide productive work. Your return on investment is tremendous.
Expert Witness Services          
I have several decades of working as an Expert Witness. Areas of expertise:
  • Legal and regulatory standards as they relate to the Electric Power Industry, Line construction, work methods, work practices, hi voltage linework training, etc.
  • Writing Detailed Expert Witness Reports.
  • Excellent at research and gathering of information in the following areas:
  • NESC, FED-OSHA, CAL-OSHA (Title 8), General Orders 95, 128, 165 and 174, and other, state, and local rules and regulations.
  • Local Hazard Wildfire Mitigation Risk Assessments and opinions
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Field investigations
  • Opinions
  • Trials, depositions and arbitrations
  • Electrocution and contact with energized lines and equipment
  • Accidents involving electrical utility systems
  • Personal Protective Grounding
  • Electric utility work methods development and training
    Hot stick, and rubber glove work methods

Max Fuentes  provides the highest quality of consulting and training development for the Transmission and Distribution Power Industry. With an emphasis on "Worker Safety, Utility Risk, Productivity Enhancement, and Local Hazard and Wildfire Mitigation Plan developments"

Cost Savings - "Keep productive workers in the field", Grid Resources provides the subject matter expertise for procedural, policy and training development along with delivery from the classroom to the training facility.